About Us

The Bayside Football Association began in August 1977 and is now one of the leading Football Associations in Victoria.

Our set up

We are run by volunteers so our fee structure can be kept to a minimum while also making sure we have the right people in place to deliver a quality and well run competition. We have a variety of people on our committee who have been with the Association for many years. Most of us are current or former players. So we run the competition how players and clubs want it to run.

We also run regular Club delegates meetings with delegates from clubs having direct input into how the league is run and how they want it to change. It also allows clubs to speak directly to the committee to ask them questions.

We run a junior (under 6 to under 9) and senior (Men’s, Women’s and over 35’s) competitions.

To learn more about the Bayside FA, see Our history page.


Most of our teams come from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, down through the Dandenong’s and all the way to the Mornington Peninsula.


We pride ourselves on having our own referees and we ensure all our Senior games are covered by an experienced referee.


We pride ourselves on remaining a competitive competition that remains cost effective for every club.

Senior fees:

  • Club registration fee : $50.00
  • Team registration fee: $400.00 per team
  • Player registration fee: $25.00 (per player)
  • Public indemnity insurance (Per a team) $380.00

For junior fees please Contact Us.


Get involved

To get involved and become part of the Bayside Football Association Contact Us.

Senior registration

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Junior registration

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We are the most cost competitive and professionally run football organisation in Victoria

Our history

Since 1977, the Bayside Football Association has been running a competitive competition for Clubs across Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula

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